Thursday, January 13, 2011


Can you believe it's 2011!

We were so busy last year, that I had a hard time picking out just one photo for each month
Enjoy the year of the Mawsons Always Moving.
We had a light dusting of snow this month, thank goodness NO blizzards.
Our new addition to our family.
Someone dropped off this dog at the end of our street, and he adopted us. We now have two dogs and two cats. Max is our outside dog, also he is Rob's rescue dog.
Jennifer became part of the Honor Society, of course we're so proud of everything she does.

Rob and I took a trip in our camper to Taladaga with a few friends. We're not NasCar fans but just the idea of spending time with friends for a few days, it was a great time.
Starting a new garden this year, I like the idea
Would you believe Rob, the president of his Class, after 25 years, finally had a chance to go to his class reunion?
We went back with the tour of Hackettstown,(girls even chimed in with there high lights). It's always great to go back home, and see family and friends.
Yes, New York City! One of the surprises we shared with the girls.Two full days in the city. Oh yhea Rob changed jobs, he now works for Qualis. A contractor working with Robots.
Rob and I went to Hermann Missouri with the camper. What a blast we had, Seven wineries, tasting it all, and enjoying music and people.
The beginning of August another grandson Juilan AlfonsoLotito arrived in our world. If you want to have a good laugh check out Spice playing hide-and-seek. LOL
The Eagles Fan in our family,(not me, I'm a Giants Fan) had the opportunity to see a Eagles pre game against the Chiefs in Kansas City for Free! We spent the night and enjoyed Kansas City, MO., with the family. We had a great time.
Rob and I went on another camping trip to HaHa Tonka Park in MO, and enjoyed the many trails they had to offer. We tried a new one we haven't tried yet.
Oh, we saw a copper head snake, I was DONE with the walk then, however we had a little more to go.
Rob went on another Business trip , this time it was to Ft Lee. It wasn't far from Fort Monroe where he was once before, and it so beautiful he wanted to be a tour guide. It's a very old Military Post which they're tearing down! They have many floods there, and it co$t allot of our money to clean it up. It's a amazing post with a great history.
End of the year was not a happy one for people on Fort Leonard Wood. New Years Eve morning a tornado went through post as a F3. Bad part was it went through a housing area. Luckily NO one was hurt. Thank goodness it was a holiday season and many people were away for the holidays.
We had a great December we met our two new grand sons for the first time from Canada, and I got to see my grand daughters during a surprise visit for Matthews Graduation for a CAD degree.
Our year could be boring to some, or very odd to others.However, these are the things we enjoy and love.
To everyone I wish you a Happy-Happy New Year!

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Judy said...

What a fun year you had. I keep telling my hubby we need to get out camping again. We haven't been in so long.