Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Our Trip to Germany

Okay, not exactly Germany, but that's what they call it.
This is Hermann Missouri, a little German town.
With 5-7 wineries in driving distance of each other.
This is one here Hermann Hof, they also have a Fest Halle for functions like weddings.
This is the front of the Halle. See the barrels to the right?
The building in the center, bottom left is the room we stayed in for my 50th birthday 2 years ago. Do you see the little grape vines growing on the hill side?
Yes a Brewery! Of course we stopped in and Rob got a sampler made of 6 different beers. (small glasses)
Check it out , yes it's from Bamberg Germany. Where we were stationed, and Jennifer was born.
Me trying to keep cool.
The view from Oak Hills Winery, isn't it beautiful. You have to travel a gravel road a few miles to come to this. The view is worth it. We brought our cooler of munchies to eat with a bottle of wine. Crackers, a few different cheeses, grapes and summer sausage. It was so relaxing especially with great company.
So sweet.
Some wine barrels here in the wine cellar. It was nice and cool here.
Where the wine tasting is held for Hermann Hof.
Looking down the Main Street.
Another winery for tasting.
The fore ground is the Hermann Hoff winery.
This picture was taken from the Stone Hill Winery, up the road from our camp ground.
Stone Hill Winery here, they had live music here. So we bought a bottle of wine and relaxed for a while.
This our camp site, only $30 a night for a full hook up. Better then paying over $175 a night at the Inns here.
Is't this wild how the grill is hooked up to the camper?
It's great!
Rob is cooking up some fish for the tacos, yum.
You like my little souvenir?
I love making our camper a home.
Spice enjoying camping too! She loves it. Whenever she watches us get ready she stays very close to the truck, waiting for Rob to pick her up for the trip.
Until next time.......

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