Thursday, August 22, 2013


One of the five pools on the ship, you can also watch a movie here too.

Early morning after breakfast. Grab a blanket, book and relax in the warm sun.

We're coming into Juneau. Population 32,290 humans...and allot of furry friends! Sometimes the black bears roam into town for a visit.

Oh yhea our 25th Anniversary.

Did you know the time zone here is Alaska Daylight Time, it's four hours earlier then the East Coast.

We enjoyed the sights here in Juneau. We wanted a good look  so we rode the Mt. Roberts Tramway up.

The mountains are incredible.

Yhea we were on the look out for bears,

The forest was breath taking, never saw anything like it.

A totem pole carved into a tree.

No bears seen, but we did see Eagles. Rob was amazed how they flew around, in their native land.

Sunset in Juneau.
10 July 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tracy Arm Glaciers

On our way to Tracy Arm, to see some Glaciers!!
Could you imagine living here?
 Incredible mountains.

We found a water color of this site.
Another water color to add to our collection.

The scenery is breathtaking. Thank goodness for our balcony.

How quaint~~

First glacier sited!
Look at that blue!

Beautiful water fall.

More glaciers!

You can really see the blue in this one.

This one came really close to our ship.
Not good.

See all the glaciers?
They said a big piece of ice fell off about two weeks ago.
Because of that we couldn't go any further.

I took this picture because it reminded of a whales tale.
Can you see it?

Until next week!
Juneau is our next stop.
Wednesday, July 10th

Thursday, August 8, 2013


We left our curtain open on our balcony, and in the morning we awoke to these beautiful mountains, even though it was 600am, and the clocks were set back one hour.
Our first stop in Ketchikan, (Salmon Capital of the World).

At this point we were walking through the forest to visit the Totem Bight  State Park. It has 14 totem poles, each one with it's own story.

I was amazed at the beautiful rain forest.

This is a original. It was painted in 1918, and was from the original town and they moved it here.

They're not being rude.
They are showing their family. Eagle or Raven. They have to marry the opposite of who their mother is.
 This little guys birthday was this day.
 He turned four years old. He was teaching an older (7year old) audience member how to dance.

Having some fun!

Just a small part of the park.

Who is that odd person there?

The long empty part in totem pole was out of much respect.

They were asked to carve the President, well they only had a photo.
 Note: the short legs.
After leaving, I had a better understanding of their life, and the love they have for their culture.

In town shopping!!

Rob posing in front of our ship. Yes it was that cool. It was in the 60's wonderful weather. We were told it rained for two weeks and this was the first day of no rain.

We were on our way back to the ship and had sometime or a beer in the local Saloon.

It was refreshing after a day of sight seeing and shopping.
Tomorrow, Tracy Arm, the glaciers.
Tuesday, July 9th