Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Talledaga 2010

It was about 10-11 hours of driving to Alabama.
Pulled over and slept in a motel parking lot.
What a site! Here is some of the trailers that pulled the cars

They are lining up here to go in the inner track to camp.

More trailers!
There is our camper! The middle one, (Cirrus).We went with 6 different families. No electric so we had generators, we did have water. The trucks came around to pump us out when needed

We were on the corner of Homestead Way and Michigan Circle.
They even had a free band there. They were called the River. Preacher Man, great band. Played a lot of good Country Rock. He really thanks the soldiers, through out the concert.

The Preacher Man
Some of our friends waiting for the storms coming in.

They were calling in a tornado watch, and Fema was ready.
A few more campers in the rain.
I never seen so many RVs. I usually just see them on the side with a For Sale sign on them.
Inside of the track. This was a part of a Airport once upon a time.
After the national anthem they had a fly over, it was awesome.
Warming up the track.
Rob and I with my ear muffs on. It was LOUD!
There they go!

We had a great seats, in the middle of the track. What we couldn't see we saw it on the large TV screen.

It was great time camping with good friends and a lot of good food. The atmosphere was awesome the people were so nice. They were from all of the country.

Will I go again I was asked?



Tania said...

Told you that it would be fun! Totally different from watching it on TV. Looks like a BLAST!

Nikki said...

Looks like you had a blast! Great pictures!!!!