Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kansas City Trip

We stopped by the World War I Memorial, and we had to go in.
It was a great Museum.
See the above photo, we'll if you look at the one below, you can see the figure and what it represents.

Did you know Kansas City is the second city to have the most fountains in the world?

This is the old train center, I was amazed with the ceiling. It's gorgeous.

Here it is from the outside.
There is Rob on the phone again.
Eagles verses Kansas City Chiefs in the pre-season game.
Okay, during half time the girls went down to the tunnel, hoping to get closer to the players.
Well they sure did!
Bunch of the players gave them high fives. When they got back Jennifer starting crying. She just let loose.
She was so happy!
Check one off her bucket list. LOL

Here are the 3 Eagle fans smiling away because the Eagles won with 20 seconds left in the game.

Until next time......

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Tania said...

How cool! What great memories you always make with the girls!