Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I've been doing with my feet up

Remember my Cathedral Quilt I started?
This is how far I have gotten with this. It's the size of a small table cloth. I'm really liking how it's turning out. I have more muslin and squares to sew on. I just don't know how big I'm going on this. Or what I'm going to use it for. Table Cloth? Bed Spread? Bed Cover? Wall hanging?
Remember my basket of yo-yo's?
I decided to sew them on muslin then quilt around each yo-yo.
It will be another lap quilt, I'm trying to decide what color I should use to quilt with. Any suggestions?

If you take a look the same fabric I used with the yo-yo's, the left overs I made this scrappy quilt.
I finally used up all this fabric I've had for a few years. I picked up the scraps at a thrift shop for only a couple of dollars. I hand quilted around each square. all I need to do is the binding now.

Misty is my little helper, she'll jump up on my lap get under the quilt and keep me warm while I quilt away.


Tania said...

You got a lot done! Everything is looking so great! Put up a pic of that other "project" you are working on - and let me know what it is!!!

Ashley said...

I love your quilts! Very impressed!! I'm just starting out on my grandma's sewing machine.