Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Russian Nesting Dolls

I love Russian Nesting Dolls! Probly because I'm Polish and Ukraine, I collect what I can.
I made this doll little bigger then the pattern that I got here. It's only suppose to be 4 inches. I think she is a cutie, and she was so much fun to make.
I think I might give it away as a gift, that's why I haven't sewn any buttons yet. I'm making more of these in different sizes.
The one on the left I got at Chec during a shopping trip. The one on the right is a bank.
The one on the left my DH brought back from Poland where he trained some Polish Soldiers. The one on the left I don't remember where I got this one. The box from Poland another gift from my DH. And the plate from my mom during her last move.The one on the right Is my first doll, my dad gave this to me. I was looking through a magazine, and mentioned I liked the dolls and wanted to collect them when I got older. Well, a few later I had one. The plate at the PX, the photo album on the right from my mom and the little bowl with different coins from around the world.
These are only some of them. I also have Christmas nesting dolls and Easter nesting dolls.

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Tania said...

they are so cute! One day when I have a minute I have to try and make these.