Thursday, October 9, 2008

Easy quilt you can make

This does look hard to make. But believe me it's easy and looks awsome.
Cathedral Quilt

I used muslin for the main part, it's something you can always find, besides I like the cream color. I've also seen it in white.

Cut seven inch squares.

Fold in half, and stitch on 2 ends. (1/8 seam allowance, as close as you can)

Turn inside out, and match up seams. Sew 1/8 seam allowance. (as close as you can sew it)

This is what you'll end up with.

Fold corners together and stitch together, not going through the back.

And the other two corners stitch together.

Stitch the two of them together on one side.

Here is two squares stitched together.

Lay a 2inch square of fabric (great for scraps of fabric), on a diamond. Pin.
Turn down all four sides and pin. Then hand stitch all around. Again don't go through the back.

Here it is finished, I still have to snip the loose threads.

Now isn't that simple! This is a project you can also take with you. You can make a runner, square or even a bed spread! The size is up to you.



Tania said...

Wow! That looks so complicated but if you take your time it looks really easy! That is so pretty. Maybe when I finish all this stuff I have going on around here I can make one!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely beautiful...I love how you call it "easy" I sewed a button the other day and thought I deserved a pat on the back lol. You have some serious talent! We love you!