Monday, March 23, 2009

My feet are still up!

OK, I know my feet are funny looking. But they hurt even more. I finely decided to go for it.
They broke and pinned me. I heard scarey stories, on "Keep your feet up!"
I'm not pushing it, and I'm sooo babying myself. Not being on my feet, 55 min. feet up, 5 minutes on my feet.I think it's working. It's been 5 days now and it only hurts a little .

It's fashionable isn't it? See the marker on my foot? It's a YES. For this foot only! LOL
My Cathedral Quilt I'm working on by hand.

I wanted a table cloth to match my Polish Pottery, found one for $55, and that was on sale! Check this little project I'm working on. I bought a cotton table cloth at the thrift store. Blue and black fabric paint. They didn't have navy blue, so I'm mixing my own. I have a cork I carved out, and a tooth pick for the dot in the middle.
My feet are up!

If anyone knows me I have Polish Pottery. A lot of Polish Pottery. The main theme is the peacock pattern.
I can mix and match as long as it has the peacock circle.
How was I so lucky to gather all these finds? I lived in Bamberg Germany for over 4 years. Poland was only 4 hours away. So yes, I took a trip, and bus trip there and bought everything I could find whit my pattern.
I guess I'll have to take some pics to show off my collection.
I love my Polish Pottery!

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Tania said...

What a lovely shoe! You are making quite that fashion statement! The tablecloth is turning out great. I can't wait to see it complete!