Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Tree '11

It seems like, "This is the best Christmas tree we every had!".
At least this is what Rob and Jennifer says. (Every year! LOL)
A Polish pottery ornament, the sun from from El Paso when we were there. the leaf is from the 911 Museum, this leaf is from one of the trees to go to the 911 Memorial Park.

The sheep from New Zealand, and the cute blue one next to it, 1983 for Matthew .

Top right Missouri ornament, below a doggie one that Spice didn't eat. To the right we bought this in New Mexico, and to the left from Germany a wonderful gift from Jason. That little one down on the right, something Heather made.

Texas Mistletoe and a 2010 Hershey memorable piece.

Yes, our tree is real! All our ornaments are very special. They bring out memories, of where we have been.

Our newest one is our flat Heather, at least this year. She couldn't make it home from school. Her smiles and giggles are missed.
Family seems to be going away.

What now?

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Jessica said...

i LOVE the flat people on your tree. That is ADORABLE.