Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our NEW adventure

I'm still here!
It's been a long time since I have blogged, not because I was to busy, or had nothing going on in my life. Our computer have been at the doc's. It was very slow and I couldn't up load any pictures. We finally got it back working.
Looking towards the back of the house to be.
Jennifer, our youngest of four is graduating this May. For the first time in our marriage (over 23 years) it will be Rob and I, and school district won't matter. We've been looking for a house for months and didn't find anything even close to what we wanted. Well we found house plans we fell in love with.

Looking to the left, our neighbor, and Rob measuring out the house.
So the next step was to find land. At a Christmas party we met a guy who owned land and was selling. There was already 5 others house in the area, with 5-10 acres apiece.

Looking to the right.Another neighbor.
We bought 5 acres! We also changed the house plans a number of times too.

Here is some of the rebarb we were placing where we wanted the house.
It's funny we wanted to down size, ha! we added a extra 1000 square feet.
Our new adventure in our lives.
So excited!


regan said...

So, the plan is to have a 1000 square feet of sewing studio, right!?! Yay!

Matthew L. said...

I cant wait to come visit with the girls. It looks like a lot of run for running around, gardens!!! So ex├žited or you!!