Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Love long weekends, it's even better when we go camping and the weather is great! Friday and Saturday , it was in the 100's. Too hot!
We had a bad storm that night and it brought in cooler weather for the rest of the weekend.
We went back to River View Campground . If you check out the pics from last time you'll see how low the water is on the river.

We took Spice for a walk on the river bed. Couldn't do this before because it was under water.
This day was so hot she kept walking in and out of the river. I think she enjoyed it more then us.

You can see how low the water is. There was no current.
    I thought this tree was pretty neat with the mushrooms
Looking down to the dam. Up center is the strip, where they have small shops, bars and places to eat.

Nice place for a stroll.
Here the back of the dam, you can see the cars driving on the top.
The other side of the dam going up to the strip.
We were sitting around the camp fire, perfect night for it. Playing with my camera , I took this pic See anything creepy?
I took this picture of the moon I think it turned out great, you can see the craters! Not to many more days of camping, maybe one more.

Happy Camping!

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