Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitchen Towels or Pillows?

There are times when you find the perfect hand towel and you just have to get it.
But why should it be used to wipe  your hands?

This one I picked up in D.C. at the Smithsonian. Perfect for the camper! It was to pretty. The gingham on the bottom, real cross stitch framing the map. I thought it would be  more sufficient as a pillow for the camper.
This one I found at Cracker Barrel. I love the colors, it matched the inside camper.
There was a lot of space up top, so I added a twill and a couple of buttons.

The America towel cost $15 and the other one cost $12.
 Yhea I like them better as pillows.

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Tania said...

Great idea! I would have never thought of pillows.