Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When Rob found out the Eagles were playing the Rams in St Louis, he bought tickets immediately.

It was the opening day of football, and also it was Patriots Day. Ten years after.

During half time the pee wees played on the field,  it was so cute to watch them.

Also they had a dedication for 9/11.
This flag was big as the field.
They also had a Navy Solider that sang the National Anthem. He hit that note, he was incredible.

Even the Players held the flag.

Fireman walked in the flag.

It was emotionally watching them walk in.

Rob and Jennifer loved routing there team on.

We painted our faces for Patriots Day.

Well, Rob painted his whiskers.

Jennifer, "9 11"

The trio having some fun.

What we saw turning the corner and looking down the street towards the Stadium.
Oh, of course the Eagles won


regan said...

A great re-cap! Thanks! I think I would have been bawling when they did the flag and sang the National Anthem. How emotional it must have all been! Thanks for sharing!

Tania said...

What a great way to spend the day. Love Rob's whiskers! When we were watching the game that day I felt guilty sitting down durning taps and the anthem even though I was at home. It was so emotional. I cannot imagine seeing it in person.