Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Locker Hooking Project

My second Locker Hooking rug I made!

Remember my first one here!

Like the first one I collected sheets and pillow cases and ripped them into 1 inch strips.

There is a good tutorial here which shows you how to Locker Hook.

Your thinking pink and green!
My bedroom walls are a spring green. I did that for my dh, that's how I got away with the pink colors.

I put this on his side of the bed and he comments, "It's pink!".

I said, "No, it's green".

I love the feel of it under my feet, nice and cozy.

The pattern was free hand, I didn't want it to have perfect shapes since the colors were off too.

Now to make another one just like this. To go on my side of the bed.

This craft is very easy, the hardest part is not to annoy the family with the ripping sound.


Tania said...

You have one good husband! I don't think Dave could handle the pink. It turned out really nice. I love the pattern.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

I love your rugs. I tried making a locker rug, I eneded up throwing it away. They are very hard on your hands. More power to you girl!

Nanette said...

Love your rug, I have made a couple of them, I used on one tea dyed 108 inches wide muslin that I got on a great sale, I had bought the rug fabric at joanns I believe and it did not hold up well, what kind of backing are you using and how many rows do you turn under on the edge. This is such a fun craft, but with my dogs I was always having to wash it and it did not hold up to their dirty feet. I so want to make more of these. Thanks