Saturday, March 19, 2011

Locker Hooking

Love my NEW floor.
It does look a little blaa......doesn't it?
A NEW hobby I found!
I walked into a Fabric Store an saw a Locker Hooking Rug.
I was hooked! :~)
I can use up fabric scraps and old sheets.
Loving it.
I love the way it turned out.
I like it so much I'm making two more for our bedroom, for the sides of our beds. I'll try a different pattern with this one.
Using a bunch of old sheets I have, and can't use anymore.
Check out the loops!
It looks sweet doesn't it?
You can even attach more and make it larger.
This craft is so much fun.


Tania said...

Take pictures with the next one and do a tutorial.

Nikki said...

That Looks so great on the new tile! I LOVE it!

regan said...

Oh yes....we definitely need a tutorial! This rug is fabulous! And I love that you are reusing old sheets....LOVE that! And I have so many.....can't wait to find out how to do it!