Saturday, August 14, 2010


I found this large fabric of California. I loved the fabric. it was like a feed sack material.
Very absorbent.
See Lake Tahoe?
One of the many places I want to go with Rob in the future with our camper.
I found this Blog about a 2*10 Apron Tutorial. On Stash Manicure. This is so easy!
Of course she used 2 fat quarters. I kinda took her tutorial a little differently on this one.
Jennifer modeling
I cut California in half and did the sashing like she said.
This is the top half.
And the bottom half. Not bad huh? Two aprons for pennies.
I will be using this again, next time I might try with a pocket.

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Tania said...

Vey cool! I'll have to check out that tutorial.