Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cry Baby Camp Ground

On the road again!
We stopped at Cry Baby Camp Ground, it was surrounded by bean plants, but they weren't ready yet.

We splurged and bought oysters for dinner, you know they 're really not easy to open!
But they tasted so good! A little lemon and hot sauce is all you need.
The river was so cool and calming.
We put our chairs in the water and relaxed, sipping on cold drinks, and having a nice conversation. We needed this bad, just to do nothing and enjoy nature.
Can it get any better?
We watched the fish jumping, and deer across the river getting a drink of water.
They even have these screened in cabins. Just bring your own sleeping bags and your set.
Rob and I are enjoy pulling our camper, and enjoying our travels around Missouri. We're finding allot of places just around the house. Meeting new people, and just being together.
Just like the first time!

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Tania said...

That looks so relaxing. Bring me next time, please!?! :~)