Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Our walk to Times Square

We took a walk to Times Square the next day, it wasn't that far from our Hotel.

Right across from our Hotel was Macy's. I was trying to visualize the Thanksgiving Parade going on.
Could you imagine?

We stopped for a cold drink at Bubba Gump. Rob is a huge fan of Forrest Gump, so this was a must. They had Forest Gump playing on the TV, over and over again. Great seafood! Got to do sea food while we were here on the East Coast. Yum!
Mawson girls in front of Time Square. Yhea, the girls HAD to stop by Forever 21, as you noticed the bag in Heathers hand. We also stopped at the on right at Times Square, it just opened up a week before and has 4 floors, and a men's department. The girls were in ahh.

Can you see us????
Now can you see us?


Stopped by Hershey PA, so we had to stop by Hershey in Times Square.
Little place.
And across the street was M&M's. Had to stop there.
Three floors!
You know where the M&M's and Mars Factory is?
Love it!

Hackettstown NJ!!!!

Yep, M&M's are made in Rob's hometown.
The girls took this pic of us.
We took this photo of them.

I know we're goofy, having fun.

We also surprised them with a show! Heather wanted to see Hair but there last show was the Sunday before and out of our price range.

They loved it, and Corbin Bleu wasn't there so the girls were even happier.

Stay tuned for more!

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Tania said...

Dave and I went to that Macy's before we were even dating... Back in college. I bought him a scarf and he bought me a sweater.It is so neat when they have Santa's Village set up inside.