Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Trip to the Top!

The girls are ready to hit there first sight in New York City.
But first a quick bite to eat.
More East Coast Pizza!!
Got our tickets to the top. Alot of elvators and winding hallways here and there.
Classy huh?
Didn't go on this one, thinking it was the orginal elavator.

Looking good Mawson Crew!

The top!
See those pointing thngs at the top of the pictures?
I guess they were put up there to prevent anyone to climb over the side.
Another incrediable view.
Battery Park here.
Pen House on the top. Trees, bushes, flowers a cute garden even in the city.

We could see very far.

The girls checking the photos they just took.
I have to laugh at this one, the size of Heather's camera and Jennifers camera.
"Old Glory Atop the Empire State Building.
Dedicated to the Defenders of Freedom
....around the world
The Armed Forces of the USA
This 13th Day of MAy 1968 Rear AdmiralFrancious Polly, USA
Commandt Third Navel District."
This picture is for my nephews Justin and Ryan.
(they love there Legos)
This is all made out of Legos!
Jennifer looking for a souvionr.
Getting ready to take photos......
Our first sight in New York City.
Check that off the list.

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Tania said...

Love the pics! Keep them coming, please!