Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to Our East Coast Trip

Watch out the pauperize are out!
Only Rob can throw a horse shoe, hold another horseshoe and a beer.
The day after the Class Reunion we were invited to a picnic at a lake. It was great, the girls got to come and hear more stories about Rob.
Jennifer taking pictures and almost got hit by a horse shoe bouncing off the peg.
Rob and Danny.
Jennifer and Heather scoping out the place on what pictures to take, and of whom.
Rob and Chris here.
Al ,Kevin, Lou, Rob, Danny, John, Chris
All American
Gabbing about old times.
Kevin and Rob
Rob's Mom sent him a package for Fathers Day. His hat and this T-shirt from back then. He came out saying,

"It STILL fits!"

Yhea he's jersey still fits, (NO pads though).
Looking through grammar school year books.

Remincing old times.

Class of 1985
next---- a visit to the Empire Building

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Tania said...

Great pics! Can't wait to see some from moms!