Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My camera and my NEW coupon holder

I chose the Nikon Cool Pix P90.
1.The size, Jennifer can't put it in her back pocket and I won't through it my bag.
2.The handle, I can control the camera with my thumb.
3. The zoom, 24x optical zoo lens.
4.The special features for special pics.
5.I like the feature where I can multiple shots.
6. The large screen. When I don't have my readers, I can use the viewer.
Jennifer and I are having fun with all the features. LOL
My NEW coupon holder!
I wanted to make one, not just buy one that would fall apart in a few months. I found this pattern on this web site.
Her directions were hard to understand, and I didn't have the double sided fusible fabric. I had to improvise a little. I still want to put a ribbon on the top so I can wined it around the button.
It has 4 pockets, so I put some dividers to have more organization for the coupons.

I love how it opens so wide, I can finger through it easily. Also , it's soft, so it's easy to put in my bag. Not hard and bulky. It's not perfect but I made it in a few hours.


Tania said...

Love the camera - Nikons are my favorite! Hope it gives you many many wonderful pictures. That coupon holder is cool. I may have to add it to my list of things to do (HA!)

Judy @ daily yarns said...

I have a Nikon too and love it. I love the coupon holder. I need to make one, I just throw my coupons in my check book.