Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fall 09 and My NEW Camera!

Here is Jennifer working for some $$, for Christmas. Well, we all worked about 4 hours clearing the leaves, and we are still not done. Raking, blowing dragging the leaves out back and burning those leaves. We are the property where the leaves end up stopping.
Yes !!!!!!!!
I finally bought a new camera. Well it's my early Christmas gift. I don't care, my old one would not turn on, and I needed a new one.
Fall is here, rain has finally stopped, the leaves are dry and a wonderful warm day to rake some leaves. We all joined in. Well Rob asked for some help.
I love days like this, tomorrow we'll be hurting.

(having fun with my new toy!)


Tania said...

What kind did you get??? Looks like it was a beautiful day. We had one here too and loved it. Justin helped Dave rake leaves yesterday for a few extra bucks too but thats already gone. One day he will learn to hold on to money for ore that 5 minutes.

Judy @ daily yarns said...

My daughter was asking me this morning about jobs to do so that she could earn $$ for Christmas. Too funny! Yes, what kind camera did you get?