Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween '09

Jennifer, Morgan and Brittany
Happy Potter is the theme this year!
This might be Jennifer's last year for trick or treating . So she wants to have a good time. Her good friends and 3 more guy friends are coming to hang out, go trick or treating, have chocolate fondue and play some Cranium for a while. It will get cold tonight, it's suppose to drop down into the 30's. brrrr!

This picture is from my cell. My camera died last month, and I am looking for a new one to purchase. I think it might be a early Christmas gift. That's ok. I have missed so many photo op's already. I'm still working on quilt projects.

1. Hand quilting Heather's quilt.
2. English paper piecing.
3. Some Christmas gifts for the little kiddies.
4. Another scrappy quilt, using the littlest scraps.

And soon as I get a new camera, I'll show you all!
Until later.........

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Tania said...

Their costumes turned out great! I hope they had a great time. I can't wait to see the scrappy quilt and how Heathers is coming along. Also I can't wait to see how your paper piecing is coming. I am going to love to see how different yours is from mine!