Sunday, October 4, 2009

Up Dates on my Grand Babies

I noticed it's been awhile since I showed off my grand kids. I have a few of my favorite photos of them.
Joseph here at 10 months. He is so cute! He has maybe 7 or 8 teeth. Loves his walker, that's how he gets into trouble. Like opening the kitchen cabinets and pulling out food. He even helps sweep in his walker. Every photo I see he is smiling or laughing.
Here he is with big boy clothes on. He is very handsome isn't he? He does love getting his picture taken.

Leila and me this past summer, when I had a short visit. I do look I am proud grandma don't I?

Her Leila turns the BIG ONE!!! She even had her own cake! I bet they are still finding frosting all over. LOL
I do want to thank my daughter-in-laws for sending me photos and keeping me updated with everyday doings of my babies. You both are great!


Nikki said...

cutest Grand Babies ever!

Tania said...

I cannot get over how much Joseph looks like Jason as a baby. Such great pictures.

piera said...

They are just so friggen cute and munchable!!!