Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Pass

You have to check this out! The Pass One of Rob' High School Class Mates wrote a book about this BIG game in High School. (Matthew and Jason has to remember the stories Rob has told, I know the girls have) Of course the story isn't quite accurate. Names and places have been changed and the story sometimes slides a little. But according to Rob, as he recalls allot of what is in the book is real.
Check out the Acknowledgements. Rob was mentioned.

The back of the book. Check out the football here.
It's a easy reading book, Rob read it, and he isn't much of a reader.

a little write up

Hail Mary Football
Wednesday, September 03 2008 by
Hail Mary Football
Don Stancavish and John Fenimore
Football season has kicked off and is well underway across the country. The new season brings back a lot of memories for former wide receiver, Don Stancavish.
In the 80s, Don played for Hackettstown High School in rural New Jersey. Don caught the game-winning touchdown pass against his school's arch rival with just seconds on the clock.
Twenty-four years later, the same ball he caught showed up in a package on his front porch. Don talks to Dick Gordon about what it felt like to have a piece of his youth handed back to him.
Don's former coach, John Fenimore, also joins in the conversation. He talks about highlights from the game and why he returned the football.
I haven't read it yet, but I sure will. Rob will have a llot of explaining to

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