Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Yo-Yo Quilt Finshed!!

I'm finished!!!!
This is the back of the quilt.
Remember when I started this project here?
This is the last of the scrap fabric I purchased at a Thrift Store in El Paso. It was different, I liked it, I made it and here it is. I love how this yo-yo quilt turned out. I didn't want to make the normal "yo-yo quilt". I saw this on a Blog some where, and knew This is what I wanted to make.
I hand quilted circles around the yo-yos, love the effect.
The front of the quilt.

See the circles on the back after washing.? I might make this again, if I find that right fabric again.
NEW project!
Heathers NEW quilt. I saw this fabric and thought of her. I'm making what is called a Cubby Hole Quilt,
you'll have to wait and see.....


Judy said...

That is beautiful Sonja! I have never made a yo-yo before. I have a yo-yo maker but have never used it. You do really nice work.

Tania said...

I LOVE IT! It turned out so beautiful! Did you hand quilt it or did you try out your sewing machine on this one? I love the fabrics for Heathers quilt. Will it be for her bed? I must call you... so many questions...

Anonymous said...

That looks so hard to do, I love it! the circles make me think of the football stitches on our quilt that just blows my mind! I sewed a hole in my pants today and I was proud lol!
and I love those fabrics for Heather she will love whatever you come up with next!

Becca Sears said...

Wow! I found a container of yo yos the other day that my great grandmother had made, and a bunch of circles were cut out to make more, so I think I'll try my hand at a yo yo quilt. Yours is so cute that I just can't resist!