Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Heather's Up-Date

Heather is all grown up and on her own. She bought her own car with a loan she took out. She has a job, she is starting College on the 20th of August. Believe it or not she is even cooking her own meals! She never cooked at home.
Cloth napkins I made for her
We are so proud of her. So far she is living on her own, with a room mate. I don't know what we did that she turned out be such a caring person, hard worker, always happy. Heather will change the world! I believe she already has, with the friends, customers, teachers and even her own family. She has touched our lives in a special way. As a vegetarian, animal lover, loves the earth and people more.
Watch out world here comes Heather, she is on her own, and she is ready to go.

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Tania said...

All I can say is I hope my kids turn out half as good as her. If they do I will know that I did a good job.