Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our NEW Camper

Just a little tree frog hanging on to Rob's truck wheel. LOL
All our friends at the campsite helped us move the old camper out and the New one in.

Blocks had to be moved out.

The deck was moved out.

Rolling out!
Bye Bye old camper.

Ta Da! our New camper. It's not organized yet, but getting there. Moved the old deck back, minus the roof. For easier pulling out. We still need to put the railing on the steps, beautify a little more. We also want to put a lower deck where the grill is.
Excuse the mess, we're still moving in. View from the front door. The table turns into a bed. TV with stereo, indoor-outdoor speakers.
View from the table. The front door and 2 easy chairs, a sink with cutting boards. Microwave, stove and storage cabinets.
Couch pulls out to a full size bed. Comfy couch too!
My messy kitchen. LOL

Queen size bed, cover and pillows came with the camper.

Of course the bathroom. Porcelain toilet. Foot flush.
The more I spent time in the camper, the more I was falling in love with it.
Now where will are first trip be?


Tania said...

It is WONDERFUL! Wow. It looks really nice and comfortable. That will be nice to travel with. All the comforts of home.

Judy said...

Awesome!! We haven't gone anywhere with our camper...Seeing these pictures makes me want to make a trip.

mommykiki245 said...

Your camper is nicer than our home he he. You are going to have a lot of awesome memories in that camper it is so nice!