Monday, July 20, 2009

My NEW quilting project

Doesn't it look great!

This is the lay out I came up with , what do you think? The green fabric is the one below, I found as a curtain at a second hand shop. Loved the fabric I couldn't pass it up. The pink some scraps I found. I do want to put some kind of border on it.
Remember the previous blog of the new project I started?
I finished the stars. It did take awhile, but it was quicker then I thought. I need to show you my new toy for making it quicker to make a star quilt. I love it. I'm very excited about the colors coming together. The stars were all from small scraps I had. This lap quilt is for my bedroom to go with the other queen size log cabin quilt I made a while ago. Yhea, could you believe this is for me and not a gift?
I'll show you more as I finish.

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Tania said...

It's looking really good!