Monday, March 2, 2009

Saturdays Weather

We had a little snow Saturday, a little like 10 inches!
Yes we have a slight hill on our driveway. No problem getting out. Of course the day it snowed Heather had to go to work, so she used Rob' truck. Four wheel drive.

My garden covered in snow.

Looking down the driveway. I was going to go see the presentation of the Operation Kid Comfort. The snow was coming down so fast, forget that. I didn't want to get caught on post. Maybe on the next one.

Front of our house.

We finally got a NEW computer. I didn't realize our old one was 10 years old. Oh my gosh it had NO memory compared to this computer.

Jennifer was so excited she started pulling it apart.
Now I need to figure this one out. Please bare with me. It has a large screen, I never saw the whole picture of my blog. I don't like it it's to busy. So I'll be playing with it.

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Tania said...

So it was you who sent the snow over here. can you believe we got some in March! Congratulations on the new computer. In no time you will be amazed how you ever got anything done on the old one. trust me...I know.