Monday, February 23, 2009


Every so often I need to wash my queen size quilt. And always there is a seam that comes undone, and there are holes. I get out my handy dandy needle and thread, and start sewing away. Of course I always find one that I missed, after I fix our bed. I'll get it next time.

My dear husband doesn't understand why I go through this everytime. "Just go out and buy a NEW one!" I don't think so. It took me months to collect the fabric, and cut 1 1/2 in strips to make this log cabin quilt.
However, while I was mending away, a thought. I need to make another bed quilt. Just for a change. Now to start to collect fabrics again. It will be harder this time with our Walmart doesn't sell fabric anymore. And we live in the boonies. I guess I should pick a pattern first! LOL
Aren't they lovely! My sweety of a husband gave these to me when I got off the plane from visiting my sister. Valentines Day arrived and I told him not to buy me anything. The flowers are still good, and I don't eat chocolate. I told him "You don't have to impress me anymore, your stuck with me." He said, " But I still want to keep you!" LOL He is just getting better in his old age.

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Tania said...

It's always worth mending something that you love. It is beautiful.