Friday, March 6, 2009

Poor Spicedog

What a friday morning. I let Spice out to go pee before I left for work, like I do every morning. Well, as I was going to the door to let her in, I saw blood on the right side of her face.
On her head, on her back and blood dripping out of her ear. She was only out for about 15 mintues, and she got in a dog fight. Don't know which dog. There are a few that wonder around. Like Spice does.
I tried cleaning her up, but the blood kept coming. I called Rob and told him to meet me at the vet. I got to the vet as soon as they were opening up. She bled all over the vet's floor. What a mess. I left her outside for the morning till the bleeding stopped. And she is on meds for infection. She is also scared for life at the age of 9 years old. She hasn't been wondering around the neighborhood. She is for now sticking around the house.
What a day!


Tania said...

Her poor little ear. I feel so bad for her. It looks like it is healing well and at least she'll have a good story to tell all of her little friends!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Oh Sonja, I'm so sorry to hear about Spice. I know that it will take her a long time to get over this--and I can't say I blame her, I'd be scared to go wandering around as well.
Hope this week is better for her.

Anonymous said...

Poor Spicedog I hope she feels better soon!