Sunday, February 15, 2009

Operation Kid Comfort

There is a program on post that just started through the Armed Services YMCA at Fort Leonard Wood MO. Well the quilt club, through the Spouces Club Has joined this program to help set it off. It's Operation Kid Comfort. And this my first quilt I just finished.
It's for a 2 year old, her father left in the fall of 2008.
There is 9 photos they send in. They give a few suggestions of colors or favorites of the child. Other then that the fabric is up to us.
This is the back of the quilt.
Saturday, the 28th of February will be our first presentation of the quilts. I'll be sure to bring a box of tissues. My next quilt is for a 7 month old baby girl!


Ann Flaherty said...

Hi Sonya!
As founder of Operation Kid Comfort, I am so happy to see the program continue to grow and serve military families all over the U.S. The quilt you made is beautiful and I'm sure, very much appreciated.

Thank you so much for volunteering in support of America's Littlest Heroes, the children of our deployed service members.

Comfort! Create! Unite!
Ann Flaherty

Tania said...

Oh Sonja, It's so cute! You did a wonderful job, I am sure she will love it! I have some of that heart fabric, if there is a little girl who loves hearts I can send it along or I can work on one if I am allowed... Please let me know, I would love to find some time to be involved with such a wonderful cause.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Now THIS is an awesome project! Wish I were there to help y'all with it. That is one I'd love to be in on! But I'll cheer from the side and cry with you! LOL