Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm back!

What a visit! I was a little nervous going to Tania and Dave's. I wasn't sure if I could handle younger ones again. I surprised myself. Brandon (21 months) had a bad reaction to his medication the day I arrived. Bad rash and itches. Poor guy. That wasn't the bad part! After the birth of Sophia, on Monday night Brandon had his screaming fit! First Dave got him, the next one I got him. Oh boy, I handled it! I was so proud of myself!
Tuesday, Dave brought Brandon to the doc's and got the medication for him. It did help. And Wednesday Tania and Sophia came home. Justin and Ryan were so excited to see there baby sister, and commented on how small she was.(18 in, 6lb 6oz) She is like a little doll.

Proud Auntie Sonja and Sophia!

I made a quilt for Sophia, and finished the binding the day she was born. Just in time.
I made the same pattern as her Mommy's quilt. Mother like daughter

It was a great 2 weeks. Getting to know my nephews, playing games with Justin and Ryan, playing ball or cars with Brandon. Getting to know my sister again, it's been to many years that we actually had some quality time together. She may be my younger sister, but she became my best friend. We talked and talked like we've never been apart. We really got to know each other. I also helped a little, with laundry, dishes and diapers. It was a great 2 weeks, but I really enjoyed this morning waking up to silence......
PS My husband really did miss me! He gave me flowers at the airport. I think the girls missed me too. I had the whole family in the kitchen talking to me while I was making dinner.
until later now the laundry....


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Yeah, you're back. We missed seeing you online! The pictures are great and the quilts?? Well, they're just beautiful. I know that your sister was so glad to have you there and that you two could become best friends as well as sisters. Know your family is glad to have you home as well!

Tania said...

Thanks so much for all of your help. We loved having you here. It meant so much to me and Dave. We love all you guys!