Monday, February 16, 2009

My Goofy Nephews!!

Here is Brandon, he is 21 months old. And he loves Blues Clue. He would be glued to the screen. Usually he sits on the couch, but this time he was at the screen. I was taking pics and he would not flinch. I was laughing and taking photos, and he stared at the screen. LOL
He never had a reaction, he just stared.

Just looking. He doesn't do this often, maybe 1 or 2 shows a day. He loves rolling the ball back and forth, he loves rolling his match box cars down a ramp, and stacking his blocks. I wish I had a pic of that one. He must of stacked a 12-15 block high tower, we were ready to take one and Brandon knocked it down.LOL. He is a smarty.

Here is Ryan, he is 6 years old and is bigger then his older brother Justin. Also his best friend. They would play Lego's together, play video games, and I would hear "I'm sorry", and then "It's okay" I would have to laugh at them. To cute!

Here is Justin, the oldest (8year old). We had a blast playing board games, exploring the neighborhood, watching movies and even putting a 250 piece puzzle together. He is a cutie.
I had a blast being with my nephews, getting to know them again (it's been a few years, traveling with the Army!) I have some wonderful memories with my family, I hope we can do it more, now that Rob and I are retired from the Army.
Love you guys.....xo


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Having family is really the greatest isn't it? The boys look like they could be a handful at times and other times could be the sweetet things in the world. Am I right? LOL

Tania said...

They are too funny huh? I am amazed every day with them and I am so glad that you got to spend some time with them. Too bad it took awhile for you to see Brandon like himself with that rash he had.

Anonymous said...

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