Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joseph is 2 months old!

My grandson is now 2 months old! Piera had professional photos taken of the little cutie. These are my favorites. Look at his eyes, you just have to wonder what is thinking?
My little Angel

He is 13 pounds now, and still growing. He gabs allot like his father when he was a baby. And gives his mommy lots of smile. I want to see him!
Go Eagles!


Tracy said...

Awwww such a beautiful baby! Those are just great pictures.

Dragon's Dolphin said...

Love the pictures--he's beautiful. As to what he's thinking??? How about one of these: "Why is that lady shaking that poor stuffed animal, doesn't she know I'm not going to smile for her?" or "OK OK another picture. I'll lay here because I can't roll over yet, but wait till I can!" or "Angel wings?? Please they're for little girls. Although I am awfully cute in them, aren't I?"
Ok I couldn't resist.

Tania said...

I saw these pics and you can't help but love them! I see alot of Jason in him. So cute!