Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Sunday Afternoon....

Some of you know Rob and the girls are Eagles Fans, and I'm a Giants Fan. Well, as you know they played today. The house was so loud, and the Spice(dog) kept leaving the room. The beginning of the game I got a pic on my cell.
"Leila wants to know are you ready for some football?"
This is the onies I sent her after last years Super Bowl. And the front of the quilt I gave her mom and dad this Christmas.
If you watched the game the Giants could not hang on to the ball, and the Eagles played as well as they have been lately. Very Good! This is the pic on the cell I got after the game. And her Mom said, "Leila is happy daddy is turning the quilt over." Yes, the other side of the Giants quilt is also a Eagles quilt.
While watching the game I finished this quilt.
I received wonderful fabric from friends in Australia. The sad part is, I loved the fabric so much, it just sat there for the longest time, waiting for the perfect pattern to make. Finally I found it, and finished it. To bad Sean won't see it for awhile he left for Iraq.( Hoping for a safe return) Yes, I left some fabric for me, it's so special. That's how much they sent me!
It might look busy, but that's what we did. Busy! Busy! Enjoying a wonderful Country, and some great friends.
Koala Bear, flowers, trees, bird fabric. Wonderful memories!
During our Giants-Eagles game we snacked on my Italian sub. I refuse to by subs, they taste like nothing but bread. And they don't even taste good. I buy crispy french bread, yummy deli meat, and fresh veggies. A little wine vinegar and olive oil. And cut it up!
Yes, I do make a mean veggie sub for the girls, they love it too!
We'll never buy subs again, it's to easy to make, and it taste SO good!
And now I'm working on Niecey's Quilt. She'll arrive in the world on the 26th on January. I hope I finish it in time!?


Tania said...

I won't say what I want to about those Giants. Blah! Leila sure looks cute either way! I love the quilt you got to finish. I looks like it was a lot of fun to make.

Get to crackin' on that other's creeping up faster than I thought. LOL! It's OK if it's not done on time. She will still have plenty of time to use it.

Anonymous said...

I think she looks happier in her winning gear. lol but I know that sub looks yummy!