Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Joseph 's Home Coming

Here is pic of Joseph's room. You see that little thing hanging on the right of the crib? It's a little cuddly , soft thingy .(I bought him) :) It's soft and cuddly, like Leilas but pink and with a lady bug not a frog.
Here's Joseph all dressed and ready to go home .

NO this is not Joseph. This is Jason , a photo of him in the hospital. Do you see the relatioship with the photos?

Just a warning , when Baba and Greatbob get there, everyone else BACK OFF! He is ours for that time. You'll have him back when we leave again..


piera said...

yup he don't look anything like me.
After 9 months and surgery all I got were feet!

Tania said...

He is beautiful! He does look a lot like Jason. It reminds me of when Justin was born and the doc asked if I could have had something since I had to carry him for 9 months and 15 hours of intense labor.
Congratulations again!