Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Ball

Here is Heather's dress. She looks so beautiful!
This is Kenny, one of her friends for years. They both wanted to go to the ball, but had no one to go with. Heather asked Kenny if he was going to the ball, he said he had no one to go with. Heather said what about me? Yes he is tall and Heather is short. LOL

Don't look at my messy living room. It was funny with 3 girls trying to get ready for the dance. Heather of course doing every ones hair and make up. There was a knock on the door at 5:30, Kenny was here. And Heather wasn't dressed yet!
Here is Brittany and Jennifer, they are best friends. Jennifer and her wild hair.(the back is the wild part) Only a 14 year old.
It's crazy to have it on a Monday school night, 6 to 9. Heather said it was a tradition. I think it could be changed. I think our girls are pretty good looking. What do you think?


Tania said...

They all look so BEAUTIFUL! I hope they had a wonderful time!

I agree they should move the day but I guess the school figures no one will go out partying after if they have school the next day.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! I didn't recognize Jennifer she is such a young lady!

When your young, you can go without sleep for days! lol. (When your the Mother of a newborn you can go months, Just teasing)