Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mawson's

Thanks to Jennifer she took some photos. I was busy making the turkey dinner.It was a quite Thanksgiving, just us this year. Rob and I had a 6lb. breast of turkey.(finishing up the left overs still) The girls had a soy turkey. Yes, I tried it. It had the texture of turkey. They liked it. But Rob and I enjoyed our turkey. We are blessed with our family, even the ones that live afar. We are always thinking of all of you, and wishing we were together.
Jennifer took this pic of our mirror and candles. I like the reflection of the plates. I have 3 candle holders on both sides, I'm keeping and eye on them . I want to add to the collection. But not willing to spend a lot.

Next year will be different again. Heather will be off to college in Springfield, 2 hours away. I said she had to come home on the holidays. Rob and I are slowly getting use to the empty nest syndrome. Remember we married into a ready made family. So we never had this freedom. We are enjoying running to a store without the girls tagging along. It's also cheaper. We still miss our 4 kids, and talk about there stories often. Now I have grand babies to talk about! LOL

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Tania said...

Happy Thanksgiving - so glad yours was wonderful.