Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leila's Birth

No pics. But I'm very excited!!! I will be a grandma (BaBa). Matthew called me this morning and said Nikki's water broke, they were at the hospital. Last I heard she was at 8 cm, she had to take some meds. I hope all is well. It will be be awsome. Eagles won. Giants won. On the birth of a beautiful little girl. A Angel!.

I love you Leila, your a special little angel. I wish you the world.

I'm still waiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......


Tania said...

Boy what a weekend you had! Can't wait to see pictures and get all the info. We love you Liela!

Matthew L. said...

Wow I never this post before... Awesome job with it. We miss you all so much!!