Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leaving for the Baby Shower!

I'll be leaving for the Nikki's Baby Shower monday morning with Heather. Car is already packed with all kinds of goodies. And the Tom-Tom is set and ready. For a little car, it has a big trunk.

Just a little tease here. Some photos of the items I'm bringing. I'll show the whole lot when I get back. Don't want Nikki to see before I get there. LOL

Yes, I want to be called BaBa. It reminds me of my grandmother. I have many special memories of her. We use to visit every sunday after church. There was alot of good times. Also BaBa is part of our Ukrain-Polish culture.

I didn't want to make a baby blanket, that she would out grow. I made a quilt she can have forever, and maybe pass it on. Love the colors, I'm happy with this one.

Oh, my new project? Misty is loving it:) I'm have a problem working on it though. Every time I start, she gets under it, or on top and gets comfy.I'm also happy with this one to. Love the colors.

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Tania said...

ooooooooo. I love the colors for the quilt. It will last her forever. I can see how much her BaBa loves her already!