Friday, July 11, 2008

My $3 dollar find

Look at this fine! I went to this church sale, and there was nothing, realy nothing there. Just junk. But I still looked around, maybe something was hiding. Sure enough behind a newer suitcase, I spied this over night suitcase. $3 was on the tag. I opened it and was in ahww. It has all the parts!(except the keys) It's in great condition. I also love the color, a light lilac. I want to show it off, can't figure how. Right now it's sitting in my living room against a blank wall that needed something. Have any ideas?

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Tania said...

oooohhhhh, I love it. The lilac is really pretty. You should find a way to use is as storage as well as showing it off. Pile a few pretty quilts you are working on inside. Now all you need is a cute little luggage rack to keep it on.