Sunday, July 13, 2008

My July Garden

My garden is taken off with all the rain we have been having. Every day I can go down to the garden and come back with tomatoes, (they remind me of Jersey tomatoes. YUMMY!! Cucumbers), did I mention I have leftovers from last year? Yes, cukes and tomatoes.

The funny thing is I like the ones from last year more then I do this years .

This is one of my stragglers from
last year. I already got 7 cucumbers from this one.
I put down straw in between the walk ways. No seeds,
and also less weeding. It also keeps the moisture better .

Remember my compost? I have to hop and jump over the PUMPKIN PLANT!!! It has taken over my compost, but I'm still adding to it.

I have pumpkins and they are taking over!! I have this growing on the fence. I think I need to cradle it. So it doesn't fall off the vine as it grows bigger. This is the biggest one, I do have some more.

OK, my new mystery plant coming from the back of the compost bin. Have any ideas?

We have been busy outside, since the weather has been not so bad. So I haven't really been down stairs doing any quilting. I do need to. I have grand babies coming. busy... busy... busy...
Until next time ..enjoy...

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Tania said...

Mmmmm, your garden is looking so good. You are going to have to teach me a thing or two. I just laid down some straw myself - finally got some in around here. You wouldn't think straw was so hard to get. Enjoy!