Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's a BOY!!

We just found out Jason and Piera in Canada are having a boy in mid-November!!! We are so excited!His name is Joseph Michael Robert Lotito. Joseph is after Piera's granfather (It's Americanized, Jason couldn't pronounce it the French way). Michael after his dad. Robert after Rob! Rob couldn't believe it. He is very touched. ahhhh

I'm already buying boy things for Joseph and girl things for Matthew and Nikki's baby girl. The same things just different colors. LOL
Here is a picture of Joseph's foot. It looks big doesn't it? Well Jason has size 15 shoe! So I guess Joseph is taking after his father.

I'm so excited for both my grandbabies. I just wish we weren't so far away. I need to find out how to be a distant Granparent, so they'll now us when we do visit. Any suggestions?
Until later....
I need to show you the suitcase I found for $3!!!!


piera said...

Yup i am almost certain those are Jason's feet.. Cause they clearly don't look nothing like mine.. It's alright if my son is born is with needing size 2 year old shoes :)

Tania said...
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Tania said...

Congratulations! We are so happy for you. What a wonderful name picked out for him. Once again Sonja, you were right. 2 for 2 now.

The Ewings said...

So precious! Congratulations Grandma. Not my turn yet.