Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heathers Prom

Heather went to the prom! And she was beautiful. It was a masquerade prom. That's why the masks. Heather treated Regina, since she is a senior and this was her last one. Heather bought her a corsage, and made the masks! Yes she did. They started out black plastic, she painted, glued and sprinkled glitter. They turned out beautiful. She wore her dress from Jason and Piera's wedding. She shortened, and taken it in. She lost some weight. She made her necklace, leaves and flowers and beads. She also made her hair barrettes, with the same flowers she had on her mask. She had the nature theme going. Sounds like Heather huh?
Well this weekend off to St. Louis for Rob's Graduation. He has his gown, hat and the collar thingy. Now he's degree. I'll take pics to share!

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Tania said...

Heather, you look BEAUTIFUL!