Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Retirement Cermoney in March

As of April 30th Rob will be officially retired

from the Army. We just received this pic, of the ceremony on stage. Rob said he looks like a robot. And Jennifer realized she grew a little since she last wore her dress. LOL

Rob is adjusting to his new job well. he just returned from Virginia for 5 days. He had a orientation on Booz, Allen and Hamilton. He was very impressed on the company. I think he did well! We'll be traveling to St. Loius for Rob's graduation for his Duel Masters, on the 10th of May. I'll be sure to take plenty of photos to share.

While Rob was gone Heather had her 4 wisdom teeth pulled. OUCH!! She had chipmunk cheeks for 3 days! She is doing fine now, back at work and school. She is getting ready for the prom next weak, on 3 May. She is going with Reginia, a good senior friend.

Jennifer is getting ready for her Ballet recitial 17 May, more pics to follow. She is wearing a tootu for the first time in 8 years of Ballet. She is excited for that.

As for me I have been busy in the garden! On the dry sunny days. Last night there was frost, luckly I covered the plants up, I hope they survived. I finished a girl qult, and a boy quilt for one of my grandbabies! I'm planning on starting a new on again. Just collecting the colors.:)

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