Saturday, May 19, 2012

We Found It!

We have been hunting for a rough looking fire place mantel for weaks. Everyone kept showing us the"pretty" ones.
NOT us.
Rob and I stopped at a Antique Store, and Rob went in the back and found a pile of wood. In that pile of wood he found this piece. We went inside and the lady said, "No, way she would sell any of that wood".

I told Rob, "Don't worry about it I'll get it". Monday I stopped by and asked the owner, she said $15, and I said SOLD!
Funny thing is, it's a left over from her log home.

They are painting!
Yes, all the way up to 20 feet high.
Our foyer ,we decided two tone on the same family color palette. There will be a white molding between the colors.

We have three colors in the foyer, great room and kitchen.The back wall is one of the darker colors we chose, love it!

Where the shrunk will go.

The down stairs.See the huge boxes in the center doorway?
My kitchen cabinets.

Our fire place with the mantel.

It's going to look so GOOD!!

Jennifer and I, She's graduating 25th of May. She's all grown up and ready to go on her own.

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Matthew L. said...

Love it love it love it...