Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jennifer's Prom

Jennifer is our youngest, and the last of our four.
We went prom shopping, and had a great day together. Dress, earring's and shoes. Thanks Jenn for a great day.
My last prom buy!

Check out Jenns hair!
Melanie did it, isn't it just gorgeous.

Goofy photo op!

These three pretty young ladies, they have known each other since 7th grade, six years! Since we moved back from being over seas.
 Best of friends~Forever!

Jennifer and Terrin, they have been together for about a year.

For you Heather!

Down the steps without falling.
 We have a rough sidewalk.

Melanie, she did Jennifers hair. She adopted Jennifer, through Heather as her little sister. Yhea we adopted her to as one of our daughters too, along with Brittany.

Cooling off the car.
It was up to 90 degrees.

They are off to a dinner with another couple, and to the prom.
Cross your fingers they are Prom Queen and King!

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Matthew L. said...

Great pictures!!! Jennifer looks so beautiful!